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STL-IP Connect IP Codec for live broadcasts using DSL, WiFi hotspots, WiMAX, 3G mobile phone, internet Comrex Access Tieline IP codec reporter remote

STL-IP Connect system is the perfect combination of hardware and software. In the field, you simply need a Laptop (or a PC) which runs the STL-IP Connect software. At the studio, a professional 1U rackmount hardware unit completes the system.

How does it work?

 -  Excellently. 

In the Field At the Studio
The reporter, correspondent or remote (OB) engineer uses the STL-IP Connect IP Codec software on a standard Laptop or PC

At the Studio, a 1RU rackmount unit - the AudioTX STL-IP - is used. This has professional quality balanced line level analog and AES digital in/outputs on XLR connectors.

There are many advantages to using a software solution on a Laptop as the field unit - and we explain these in the 'Compared' section of this site. Pairing this field IP codec with a standalone hardware unit at the studio is, we believe, the perfect combination.

The Studio Unit

The studio unit (AudioTX STL-IP) is connected to your network/internet access, and, of course, also to your studio mixing desk in the same way as any other codec unit would be. The output of the STL-IP is connected to an input on your console, and a clean-feed of the console output is sent to the STL-IP unit's inputs. Once configured (this takes a few moments with the simple web-browser based interface) the STL-IP is ready to accept incoming connections. Bi-colour LEDs on the front of the unit show the connection status and these status signals are also available as logic-level outputs on the unit should you need them.

As an aside... the STL-IP does much more than just act as the studio unit for the STL-IP Connect system. It's a transmission grade live audio over IP device, offering robust, broadcast quality audio with just a 5ms delay between two units and is designed for STL and live program distribution applications - see www.stl-ip.com for more details.




The Field Unit

In the field all you need is a standard Laptop or PC running Windows 2000 or XP. The STL-IP Connect software installs on this computer and allows you to make live connections to the studio from any Internet connection or IP network, working as an IP codec.

You can connect a microphone and headphones to your computer's built in soundcard for reporting, use a professional audio interface for remotes and higher quality work, or we can supply USB headsets which are easy to use and offer excellent quality.

  The STL-IP Connect software is simple to use. The phonebook (on the right) stores connection information for all of the places you regularly connect with. To make a connection, simply highlight the correct entry and click on the Connect button. When you've finished, click Stop.

The STL-IP Connect system is packed with clever functionality...

Robustness: STL-IP and STL-IP Connect both feature user-determined safety/jitter buffers which allow you to make reliable connections even on a busy Internet/network connection.

Resilience: If your connection fails for any reason during a broadcast, STL-IP Connect will automatically reconnect - and keep trying to do so until you click the Stop button.

File Playback: Use pre-produced audio on your computer during a live connection. For example, a reporter might use clips of an earlier interview or audio recorded at a press conference during a live broadcast. During a remote broadcast, pre-recorded items, idents or other material can be played back and mixed with the live input. (shown right).



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