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STL-IP Connect system is the perfect combination of hardware and software. In the field, you simply need a Laptop (or a PC) which runs the STL-IP Connect software. At the studio, a professional 1U rackmount hardware unit completes the system.

How does it work?

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QuickInfo - for Engineers and Technical staff

Imagine being able to broadcast live from anywhere, anytime.

The STL-IP Connect system works in the following way:

  • In the Field you use the STL-IP Connect IP Codec software on your Laptop or PC.
  • At the Studio you use the STL-IP rackmount unit.
  • Any IP network can be used - the system uses a single TCP/IP network connection for single or bidirectional live audio - though the most attractive option for most customers is the possibility of using the system over Internet.
  • LANs and WANs can also be used - for reporters to do live pieces from their desks or from different buildings on your WAN.

One of the key advantages of the STL-IP Connect solution is that the field unit is a Laptop solution. We did consider a hardware solution (a portable version of our STL-IP unit)... however, in practice, a hardware solution would be much more complex to setup for the variety of Internet networks that customers would want to use... and impossible in some cases.

  • This makes the use of WiFi and public internet connections much simpler as you can log-in to the service as normal on the laptop or PC.
  • When using DSL routers or other company networks, DHCP allows for quick and easy network configuration and you can easily check your setup just by trying to view a web-page.
  • It also makes it very easy to use mobile phone data or 3G services as the appropriate datacard can easily be connected to the Laptop.

STL-IP Connect is part of the AudioTX range of products - and we've been offering high quality audio over IP solutions for 6 years now unlike some of our competitors... we're not new to this! Expect reliability, high quality, ease of use and low delay.

Examples of Internet connections - all internet connections should be suitable, so this is not an exhaustive list:

  • DSL or some other internet access - at companies, remote broadcast sites, events, home-working for presenters and journalists.
  • WiFi hotspots available in parks, shops, offices, hotels, coffee shops and more.
  • Other company networks you go to for remotes and reporting will have a network connected to the Internet.
  • Mobile phones capable of 3G or other high-speed internet access.
  • Satellite based internet services or a portable satellite terminal - iDirect, Hughes, BGAN etc. and others.

The STL-IP Connect software can be used with the built-in soundcard on most laptops and PCs - the quality is normally sufficient for news use. Standard professional audio interfaces can also be used - built in, USB or Firewire, or we can supply USB headsets which are very easy to use and offer excellent quality (and they are hands free!).

Audio can be stereo or mono, Linear (uncompressed), MPEG Layer 2 or 3 compressed, J.41, ADPCM, G.722 or our new extra Low-Bitrate-1 codec which offers good quality speech at down to about 20-30 kbps.

The File Playback functionality allows the use of pre-produced audio on your computer during a live connection. For example, a reporter might use clips of an earlier interview or audio recorded at a press conference during a live broadcast. During a remote broadcast, pre-recorded items, idents or other material can be played back and mixed with the live input.


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