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Being able to broadcast from anywhere, anytime.
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STL-IP Connect. Now do it.
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Imagine being able to broadcast live from anywhere, anytime.

STL-IP Connect is a quick and cost-effective solution for News Reporters and Correspondents, Remote (Outside) broadcasts, Home-working Journalists and presenters and a wide range of other applications.

Use over Internet allows effectively FREE on-air live audio (in full studio quality) using a variety of connections which cover pretty much any location you'd need to broadcast from.

Connections can be made using Internet (the most popular and maybe most interesting possibility for the STL-IP Connect solution) and also using existing LAN and WAN networks in your organisation.

Example Internet connections - any Internet connection will be suitable, so this is not an exhaustive list!

  • DSL, ADSL, Cable modems or other high-speed internet access for home-working, Remotes from small business premises, events, concerts etc
  • WiFi hotspots available in parks, shops, offices, hotels, coffee shops and many more locations.
  • Most companies you'll visit for remotes will have a network connected to the Internet.
  • For a self-contained solution you can use mobile phones that are capable of 3G or other high-speed internet access.
  • Or satellite based internet services or portable satellite terminals.

You can also use STL-IP Connect over an existing company LAN at your radio station - so a reporter can do a live report from your desk instead of going into the studio. Then again, the reporter's desk might even be in another building... no problem it works over the company WAN too. Similarly a presenter or guest can make a contribution to another radio station within your group from the office if there's no studio available.

The STL-IP Connect system works in the following way:

  • The STL-IP Connect software installs on a Laptop or PC.
  • The user connects his/her microphone and headphones to the Laptop, or maybe a mixing desk in the case of Remotes - the built in soundcard is normally sufficient quality for news use.
  • You can also use a professional audio interface, or we can supply USB headsets which are very easy to use and offer excellent quality (and they are hands free!).
  • The user connects to the studio (where the STL-IP rackmount unit is installed) and STL-IP Connect gives a live, studio quality, low delay connection that is bi-directional (so you can get program cue back in your headphones if needed).

The File Playback functionality allows the use of pre-produced audio on your computer during a live connection. For example, a reporter might use clips of an earlier interview or audio recorded at a press conference during a live broadcast. During a remote broadcast, pre-recorded items, idents or other material can be played back and mixed with the live input.


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