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Broadcast live radio using the internet, WiFi and WiMAX, ADSL, DSL. Live reporting and remotes via 3G, CDMA, UTMS and other mobile data services

STL-IP Connect will get you on-air, live, from anywhere there's an Internet connection (or a private connection to your IP network). And once you start thinking about it, that is pretty much anywhere.

Where can I use it?

 -  Anywhere. 

Internet = Anywhere

At home you probably have DSL or some other internet access. WiFi hotspots are available in parks, shops, offices, hotels, coffee shops and more. Most companies you'll visit will have a network connected to the Internet. You may already have a mobile phone that's capable of 3G or other high-speed internet access. You may have access to satellite based internet services or a portable satellite terminal.

So you can use our IP codec for home working, in public places, around the country or around the world, and on the road with mobile phone/satellite solutions. You can use STL-IP Connect on any of these... and more.

For the best quality, we recommend an internet connection with a speed of about 64-128 kbps, which again will be pretty much Anywhere in most cases. For slower connections, we provide a low-bitrate speech connection which still gives you a good quality voice connection for reporter applications from just 20-30 kbps.

Not 'Anywhere', just not 'There' - LANs and WANs

Most people will want to use Internet connections with STL-IP Connect, most of the time. Simply because this is the part of STL-IP Connect that allows the most flexibility.

However, you can also use STL-IP Connect on private networks - like office LAN/WANs. For example, if you are a reporter or correspondent working on a news program, do your live report directly from your desk instead of going into the studio over the network LAN. Maybe your desk is in another building or even another region or state! If your radio station has a network connection between buildings (a WAN), you can use it with STL-IP Connect.


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