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Can I get to an ISDN line there?
Do we have a studio in London?
    Can I get a satellite connection from Singapore?
  Do we have line of sight for a news van? Should I just file this report on the phone?  
    Two tin-cans and a piece of string...? How about I just shout loudly!?
  I m a g i n e .
Being able to broadcast from anywhere, anytime.
I n s t a n t l y .
STL-IP Connect. Now do it.

It should be simple. We live in a technologically advanced world.

All you want to do is:
  • report live from where the news happens - not from the next town
  • broadcast a show live from where you choose - not where you have to because there's a link available there
  • do it now - not wait until next week

If only you could broadcast live with studio quality audio
using the Internet or using IP networks...

  • almost everywhere you go there's an Internet connection
  • or even a private or direct IP network connection that you use to read email or connect to the company network
  • at home you probably have high-speed internet like DSL, ADSL or Cable modem
  • coffee shops and hotels have WiFi access
  • even your mobile phone probably supports 3G or some other high speed wireless data

You can. Now do it.

STL-IP Connect gives you the freedom to broadcast from where you like, and when you like, instantly.

STL-IP Connect is a simple piece of IP Codec software that installs on your Laptop or other PC and allows you to broadcast live, in studio quality from anywhere there's an Internet connection, or through any other IP Network connection. It's suitable for a wide range of broadcast uses - including News Correspondents, Sports reporters and commentators, coverage of live events and Remotes (Outside Broadcasts).

Use it over DSL or other high speed internet connections, from WiFi hotspots and hotels, via 3G and other high speed mobile data access services.

Use it anywhere - from a few miles from your radio station to half-way around the world.

You get a studio quality, low delay audio connection (bi-directional, so you can receive a cue feed from the studio if you want to).

STL-IP Connect is made by the same people who brought you the AudioTX Product range - so you know it's a professional and reliable product that offers the best possible quality and is designed for true broadcast use.




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