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Live news reports using the internet via DSL, WiFi, Satellite, hotels, cafes and 3G mobile phones

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Being able to broadcast from anywhere, anytime.
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STL-IP Connect. Now do it.
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Imagine being able to broadcast live from anywhere, anytime.

STL-IP Connect will get you on-air, live, from anywhere there's an Internet connection (or a private connection to your IP network). And once you start thinking about it, that is pretty much anywhere.

  • At home you probably have DSL or some other internet access.
  • WiFi hotspots are available in parks, shops, offices, hotels, coffee shops and more.
  • Most companies you'll visit will have a network connected to the Internet.
  • You may already have a mobile phone that's capable of 3G or other high-speed internet access.
  • You may have access to satellite based internet services or a portable satellite terminal.

You can also use STL-IP Connect over an existing company LAN at your radio station - so you can do a live report from your desk instead of going into the studio. Then again, your desk might even be in another building... no problem it works over the company WAN too.

The STL-IP Connect system works in the following way:

  • The STL-IP Connect software installs on your Laptop or PC.
  • You connect your microphone and headphones to your Laptop - the built in soundcard is normally sufficient quality for news use.
  • You can also use a professional audio interface, or we can supply USB headsets which are very easy to use and offer excellent quality (and they are hands free!).
  • You connect to the studio (where they have the STL-IP rackmount unit installed) and do your live report... STL-IP Connect gives a live, studio quality, low delay connection that is bi-directional (so you can get program cue back in your headphones if needed).

The File Playback functionality allows you to use pre-produced audio on your computer during a live connection. For example, you might use clips of an earlier interview or audio recorded at a press conference during a live broadcast. Or you might use this function to send an entire report that you have pre-produced on your computer back to the studio, or play it into the program live.


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